Shipping and return policies for Ultra Kitsune

Shipping Info
On physical items expect a week or more for shipping to reach within the USA. Outside USA, expect 2-3 weeks of ship time. Shipping costs vary depending on your location.
Return Policy
If you receive an unplayable CD or Digital Download, we accept returns (You pay return shipping). Only if you have purchased from the website of an Ultra Kitsune release can we accept your return.

As customer accommodation and satisfaction to be our top priority, we ask for all receipts for proof of purchase to be sent to us as soon as possible so we can verify your purchase and give you a return address. If this is not possible or if your shipment for some reason is unsuccessfully delivered to you, we will do our best to accommodate you and fix the issue. If for some reason your CD or Digital Download is unplayable, please contact us.

For Digital Downloads: Upon purchasing, you are allowed 3 times to re download your purchase from the Ultra Kitsune website only. We cannot honor anyother websites we do not operate due to unofficial third party content that we do not support.

Not Satisfied: If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we are sorry to say that we do not refund for this or any other personal dissatisfaction than the issues were media is unplayable, damaged or a loss shipment.